Press Advisory: SB 132 – Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth

July 1st, 2013 by


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In addition to the press release sent out Thursday on SB 132: Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth, I have included links to the final votes for the House and Senate. In regards to the argument that there is no scientific evidence that abortions are a risk factor for preterm birth, I have also included the statements of three well-respected doctors on the issue and a bibliography of 122 studies citing a link between the two. If you would like a copy of the bill as passed by the House it should be available on Monday at:

Please note: Some news accounts have stated that this bill teaches about the causes of miscarriage. This is not the case. The bill teaches about the risks for preterm birth, a completely different issue.

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Representative Paul Stam


SB 132- House Vote

SB 132- Senate Vote

Bibliography of 122 Studies

Biographical Information- Dr. McCaffrey, Dr. Thorp, and Dr. Bowes

Dr. Thorp’s May 2013 Letter

Presentations at the Perinatal Health Committee Meeting