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March 2nd, 2007 by

Lawyers Group Proposes Innovative Incentive Program

March 2, 2007

The Lawyers Improvement Association of Beltline Legal Experts proposed a new economic development tool for the state.  It is guaranteed to boost the economy by creating and retaining high paying jobs.

First, a little background:  Historically North Carolina had the fewest attorneys per capita of any state in the nation.  But a strong and vibrant legal community is absolutely necessary to the 21st century litigation economy.  In December, 2003 the General Assembly spent $214 million (or $214,000 per job) to induce Merck to bring 200 jobs to the distressed areas of Treyburn in Durham and for RJR to bring 800 jobs to distressed areas of Winston-Salem (after RJR had just laid off 2,500 workers).  That deal was criticized by some Neanderthal Troglodytes who were unenlightened as to modern American business practices.  Now we realize that this incentive package for RJR/Merck in December should have been twice as rich when we found out that RJR reduced its tobacco buy by 50% for 2004.  And just last month Google responded to our states offer of $260 million to place 210 wonderful jobs in Caldwell County (only $1,200,000 per job – a steal at half the price).  Apparently, the more we spend on each job the better the economy will be. Read the full proposal.