Paul Stam is currently practicing law at Stam Law Firm, PLLC in Apex, North Carolina. He served his eighth (and last) term in the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2015-2016. He was first elected to that position in 1989 and again in 2003. He has served as the House Republican Leader (2007-2010), the House Majority Leader (2011-2012), and the Speaker Pro Tem (2013-2016).

Representative Stam has worked for more freedom and less government in areas like providing school choice to empower parents to ensure quality schooling for their children, pro-life protection for mothers and children, protection from condemnation and annexation abuse, and fairness to state employees. He has continued to fight wasteful spending in the General Assembly, including hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies to out-of-state corporations.

Since 1976, Representative Stam has lived and worked in Apex as an attorney.


Family: Born September 5, 1950, to Paul Stam, Sr. (deceased 1990) and Jane Levring Stam (deceased 2014). Sister, Karen Stam; Brothers, Carl Stam (deceased 2011) and William Stam.

Married to Dorothy Mills in 1973. Dottie retired in 2016 as the Director of Worship Arts at Apex Baptist Church. She is the daughter of William and Dot Mills of Apex. Our children are Nathan and Jana. Nathan is a graduate of NC State and Southeastern Seminary and is Minister of Children and Missions at Apex Baptist Church. He and wife Kristi live in Apex with their three sons, Aidan, Gavin and Tobin and a daughter, Maggie. Jana is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. She and husband Jimmy Estes live in Apex with their sons William, Daniel and James, and daughter, Hope, who is expecting a sister in January 2018. Jimmy is Parts Manager at Leith Auto.

Recreation: Tennis/Swimming/Soccer — retired from the “Callipygians” of CASL 40+ Division. Previous Teams: Animals, Deceptively Slow, Young Turks, UNC-CH Graduate Club, High School Varsity (All County Fullback 1966).

Education and Admissions

J.D. from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1975 (Book Award in Criminal Law.). Worked during law school as Research Assistant for the Criminal Law Subcommitee of the Pattern Jury Committee of the Conference of Superior Court Judges 1973 to 1975.

Bachelor of Science with High Honors, School of Criminal Justice from Michigan State University,1972.

Valedictorian and Student Government President, Eastern Christian High School, New Jersey, 1968.

Elementary Schools, Sternberger and Braxton Craven, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Research Assistant for Justice James G. Exum, Jr. North Carolina Supreme Court, 1975-76.


  • General Practice of Law since 1976 with the law firm of Stam Law Firm, PLLC. (and predecessor firms). General Practice with emphasis on real estate litigation, titles, municipal law, and constitutional litigation.
  • United States Marine Corps 1968-1970, Honorable Discharge, Corporal, Camp Lejeune.

Legal and Civic Affiliations, Articles


Articles written on the “Equal Access Act” (Campbell Law Observer), “Search and Seizure at Sea” (Sea Grant 1975), and “Judging the American Constitution” in The Conservative Perspective published by N.C. Policy Council Press, (1988). Numerous essays in “Neighbors” newspaper (1997). “The End of the North Carolina Abortion Fund” 22 Campbell Law Review 119 (1999); “The Woman’s Right To Know Act; A Legislative History” 28 Issues in Law and Medicine, p. 3 (2012) and “The 2011 Tribal-State Gaming Compact; 2012 NC Legislative History with Amy O’Neal”  6 charlotte Law Review 17 (2015).

Taught “Family Law” at Campbell Law School as Adjunct Instructor, 1978. Taught Comparative Law, Legislative Process and Parliamentary Procedure at the Foreign Trade Institute, Tianjin, China, June 1992, and Xi Ke Da University, Mianyang, China, September 2005. CLE on N.C. Abortion Law (1988 & 2005), Equal Access Act (1991), “Parliamentary Procedure” (1998 & 2006), and the “Map Act” (2017).

Public Service

Member, N.C. House of Representatives, 1989-90 and 2003-2016. Republican Leader of the House 2007 – 2012. Speaker Pro Tempore 2013-2016.

Member, Child Fatality Task Force, 2012 – 2016.

Prior Non-Legislative Committee Assignments:

  • Chairman, N.C. Juvenile Law Study Commission, 1989-1992. (Appointed by Gov. James Martin)
  • Wake County Storm Water Task Force, 2006-2007.


Apex Baptist Church: Bible Study Teacher (3rd and 4th Grade), former Chairman at different times of Deacons, Benevolence, Music, Refugee, Planning, and Budget Committees

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Trustee 1988-1998; Chair, Doctoral Studies 1990-1997

Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention: Trustee 2005-2009

Raleigh Baptist Association: Chairman of Constitution Committee 1982-1984

North Carolina Baptist Convention: Parliamentarian for the 1996 – 2007 State Conventions


Began practice of law with Carl P. Holleman in Apex, North Carolina, 1976. Partner in 1978.  Other partners have included Karlen Reed, Dorothy Donaldson, Henry C. Fordham, Jr. and Theodore S. Danchi. The current firm name is Stam Law Firm, PLLC and includes Lisa Schreiner, Caroline Nickel, and Amy O’Neal. It holds the highest rating (AV) from Martindale Hubbell Law Directory.

Municipal Law

At the time of Carl Holleman’s death in 1992 he had served as Apex Town Attorney for approximately 40 years. For the last 16 of those years I served as his assistant. In 1992 I was appointed Town Attorney and served in that capacity until November of 1995.
Other municipal government matters of significance include Pittsboro Christian Village v. Town of Pittsboro, 96 CVS 372 (1996), Chatham County Superior Court (site plan, tax exemption issues). Smith Chapel Baptist Church v. City of Durham, relief with respect to Durham’s stormwater utility fees, affirmed 350 NC 805 (August 20, 1999).

In two cases in 1999, I represented citizens who obtained declarations that local acts (disguised as public laws) regulating trade (sale of alcohol) violated the North Carolina Constitution. Frazier v. NC ABC Commission, 99 CVS 9622 (Wake County, December 14, 1999) (The Halifax Act) and Reaves v. NC ABC Commission, 98 CVS 13184 (Wake County, August 31, 1999) (The Lumberton Act).

Freedom of Speech and Religion

Through most of the 1980s I represented lawful and peaceful protestors in Jacksonville, North Carolina who were sued and/or prosecuted by abortion clinics. No injunction against the protestors was ever granted. No conviction was ever sustained. See Onslow County Crist v. Henderson, 82 CVS 939/Crist v. Royal, 87 CVS 1030 and State v. Shreve, 87 CR 16747, 16748, Onslow County.

I served 1991-1997 as Religious Freedom Task Force Coordinator of the Christian Legal Society monitoring religious liberty issues. This principally involved compliance with the Equal Access Law.

Local counsel in North Carolina Right to Life v. Gary Bartlett (State Board of Elections). This involves First Amendment and Campaign Finance Issues. On April 30, 1998, the Federal District Court declared several state statutes to be unconstitutional and was mostly upheld by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals , 168 F 3rd 705 (4th Cir. 1999). Local counsel in Federal District Court involving similar issues: Beaumont v. FEC (123 S SC-1 2200 (2003) ) and North Carolina Right to Life v. Leake (108 F. Supp. 2nd 498 (2000) and 344 F.3d 418 (4th Cir., 2003)).

Amici Briefs to the Appellate Courts

In Delconte v. North Carolina, 313 NC 384, (1985), local counsel on an amicus brief of the Rutherford Institute and coordinated an amicus brief for the Christian Legal Society. The Supreme Court adopted the arguments of these amici and recognized home schooling as lawful education.

In Azzolino v. Dingfelder, 315 NC 103 (1985), I was of counsel on an amicus brief by North Carolina Right to Life Education Fund assisting John Swem. The Supreme Court adopted the position of NCRL in rejecting tort claims for wrongful life and wrongful birth.

In Maready v. Winston-Salem, 342 NC 708 (1996), I submitted an amicus brief to the N.C. Supreme Court for the John Locke Foundation, Inc. (legality of tax dollars for economic incentives). The Court upheld the validity of these expenditures but the economic case against them remains.

In Pulliam v. Smith, 348 NC 616 (1998), I submitted an amicus brief to the N.C. Supreme Court on behalf of the North Carolina Family Policy Council on the question whether the judge deciding custody could consider the conduct of those actively engaging in illegal homosexual conduct in the home. On July 30, 1998, the North Carolina Supreme Court issued an opinion – generally upholding the position of NCFPC.

In Rosie J. v. N.C. Department of Human Resources, 347 NC 247, (Oct. 3, 1997), I submitted an amicus brief on behalf of North Carolina Right to Life in support of the end of abortion funding by the State of North Carolina. The court sustained our position This ended a 19 year effort beginning with Stam v. State, 302 NC 357 (1981) in which the North Carolina Supreme Court, while upholding state funded abortions, ended county participation.

In Manning v. Hunt, 119 F.3d 254 (4th Cir. 1997), I submitted an amicus brief with Ted Danchi, as attorney for North Carolina Right to Life in support of North Carolina’s Parental Consent law. The Fourth Circuit sustained the position of the amicus and of the State throughout.

Current Practice

In recent years much of my law practice has focused on real estate finance/litigation. While much of this is transactional, not readily subject to citation, a few interesting matters are noted. In Sebrell v. Carter, 105 NC App 322 (1992), I acted as attorney for record title holders in an adverse possession action and prevailed. 167 acres in Chatham County were involved.

I am an approved attorney for Fidelity National Title Company, Investors Title Company, Lawyers Title, The Title Company of North Carolina, Security Union Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title and Ticor Title and Commonwealth Land Title Company and many others. I have closed more than 4,500 real estate transactions.

A unique feature of our practice has involved numerous constructive trusts/or deed/will contests involving real estate including Markham v. Coggins, 81-CVS-304, Chatham County; Mills v. Mills, 81-CVS-4264, Wake County; Mills v. Wagner, 81-CVS-6187, Wake County; Crittenden v. Cox, 92-CVS-13032, Wake County; Marsh v. Hobby_, 90-CVS-3398, Wake County; Whitman v. Forbes, 55 NC App. 706 (1982); Black v. Becky Davis, 87-CVS-10448 ; Goodwin v. Rouse, 94-CVS-696, Chatham County; Strother v. Gaster, 82-CVS-307, Chatham County, Pearson v. Pearson, 76-CVS-1717, Wake County; United Estates of America, Inc. v. Epps, 97-SP-50 (Wake County) (no undue influence or fraud on a deed); In Re: Will of Sugg, 98-SP-20 (Wake County) undue influence and breach of fiduciary relationship concerning will and contract to make a will.

Domestic Relations

I taught family law at Campbell University in 1978. As guardian (for 35 years) of an incompetent, I have litigated support and custody matters. In Price v. Price, 42 NC App. 66 (1979), the Court established the position that an adjudged incompetent can, nevertheless, be awarded custody of her minor child.

NC Republican Party

Precinct Chair several times in the 1980’s/1990’s.

Candidate for House, Senate and Court of Appeals 14 times. Eight wins for NC House, two losses for NC House, two losses for NC Senate, two losses for NC Court of Appeals.

Co-Chair, Cobey for Congress, 1984; 1986, and for Governor, 2004.

House Republican Leader 2007-2010; contributed $125,000 to Caucus Fund in 2009-2010 in addition to $100,000+ to House candidates. House Majority Leader 2011-2012; contributed $165,000 to Caucus Fund and $50,000 to House Candidates. As Speaker Pro Tem in 2013-14 raised $290,000 for Caucus Fund and other House Candidates.

Served as Parliamentarian many times for the NC GOP Executive Committee and State Conventions, including 2016. Presiding Officer for the Convention at New Bern (approximately 2004).

Taught Parliamentary Procedure for county chairs in conjunction with the State Convention. Presented the same course at the Foreign Trade Institute of Tianjin, China, XeKeDa Law School in Mianyang, China and to the Christian Legal Society of North Carolina. In video format it was presented to an affiliated meeting of the Republican National Convention in 2008.

Appointed by Chairs Cobey, Blount, Daves, Fetzer and Hayes to chair the NCGOP Platform Committee for 8 years and then served as a member for 2 years, and served as Chair of the Resolutions Committee 2017-2018).

A 1994 court decision provided for district elections for superior court judges. Served as a recruiter for superior court and appellate candidates from 1994-2000.

In 2004 there was no coordinated House Republican re-election effort due to the Morgan problem. Trudy Walend, our Whip, and I acted as the recruiting/funding team working with NC GOP. In the 2006 election organized a group of 6 who (with a majority of the Caucus) raised funds and recruited through the party.

In 2007 organized the Republican House Majority Fund. With the headwinds of 2008 we lost no seats and were ranked 8th in the country of Republican caucuses in results.

From 2008 to 2010 spent 100 hours on redistricting litigation (2008), redistricting legislation and options (2009) and planning for redistricting (2010).

In 2009-2010 worked closely with our Whip, Thom Tillis, in recruiting candidates, funding them and proclaiming their virtues, including appearances for 18 candidates between Labor Day and Election Day. We picked up 16 seats in the House to obtain a 68-seat majority.

In 2011-2012 worked closely on a frequent basis with Speaker Thom Tillis and Whip Ruth Samuelson in recruiting candidates, funding them and proclaiming their virtues to the public, including appearances for about 30 candidates. We picked up another 9 seats for a 77-seat supermajority.

In 2012 attended meetings of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee in Miami and Atlanta to proclaim the virtues of NC House Republicans. Eventually RLCC put several hundreds of thousands of dollars into Real Jobs NC, a 527 which proclaimed the demerits of the candidates we defeated.

In 2013-14 as Speaker Pro Tem worked closely with Conference Chair Ruth Samuelson and Whip Mike Hager to maintain a 74-seat House republican supermajority.


1966       Camp Brookwoods “Harold Lindsell” Award

1966       Patterson N.J. Morning call “All County Soccer”NC

1989       Knights of Columbus – Cary and 1992 NC Knights of Columbus (“Serving God, Country & Community”)

1990       NC Victims Assistance Network “Outstanding Legislator”

1992       Volunteer Lawyers Program “Wake County Outstanding Volunteer Attorney”

1997       North Carolina Right to Life “David & Emma O’Steen Volunteer of the Year”

2008       Common Cause “The Democracy Award”

2011       Jesse Helms Center Foundation “John P East Excellence in Public Service Award”

2012       Home Builders Association of Raleigh & Wake County “Outstanding Public Official – Local Government”

2013       North Carolina Christian School Association “Kent Kelly Christian Liberty Award”

2013      North Carolina Champion of Education – Public School Options

2014       John Locke Foundation  “James Knox Polk Award for Leadership in Public Office”

2014       North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections  “Friend of Disclosure Award”

2014       North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition “Legislative Award”

2015       Gateway Campus “Pro Life Champion”

2015       Parents for Educational Freedom “North Carolina Champion for Children”

2015       Public Charter Schools Association “2015 Charter Champion Award”

2016       Life and Liberty Award – NC Family Policy Council

2016       Senator Jesse Helms Award for Courage – Wake County GOP

2016        Order of the Long Leaf Pine – Governor McCrory

2016        Lifetime Achievement Award-NC Public Charter Schools Association

2016        Education Freedom Alliance – Lifetime Champion for Education

2016        Apex Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Excellence

2016        NC Values Coalition – Champion for Life