Democratic Leader Accuses Perdue, Cooper of Hate Speech

September 7th, 2011 by

Democratic Legislative Leader Accuses Governor Bev Perdue And Attorney General Roy Cooper of a form of “Hate Speech”

Raleigh – Former Speaker of the House (and now Minority Leader) Joe Hackney (D-Orange) continues to accuse the membership and leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties of engaging in a “form of hate speech.”

On August 30, 2011, Speaker Hackney responded to a press conference held by Republican legislative leaders on the proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage.  He stated, “This proposed constitutional amendment runs against the tide of history, and has become a form of hate speech.”

While there are major procedural differences between the “No Same Sex Marriage” statute of 1996 (SB 1487) and the proposed constitutional amendment, the policy is exactly the same:  North Carolina will not recognize same sex marriages – whether performed in-state or out of state.  On this point the “marriage amendment” is identical with the law that Gov. Bev Perdue and Attorney General Roy Cooper voted for as Senators in 1996.

But if Speaker Hackney claims that only a constitutional amendment (but not a statute) can be considered a “form of hate speech,” it would be well for him to remember the ten current Democratic members of the House who have sponsored this constitutional amendment, which was first proposed jointly by Democrats and Republicans during the 2003-2004 legislative sessions.  Their names are:

Rep. Larry Bell                           Rep. Bill Owens              Rep. Timothy Spear

Rep. William Brisson                  Rep. Annie Mobley         Rep. Michael Wray

Rep. James Crawford*                Rep. Earline Parmon*                   

Rep. Dewey Hill*                         Rep. Garland Pierce 

*Denotes Primary Sponsorship

Speaker Hackney is now accusing them of having engaged in a “form of hate speech.”

Since Speaker Hackney voted for the same policy in 1996, should he apologize now to everyone for having engaged in a “form hate speech” himself?

To view the legislation from 1996, Speaker Hackney’s vote and the votes from Governor Perdue and Attorney General Roy Cooper, click the links below:

Senate Bill 1487 – “No Same Sex Marriages”

Senate Vote on SB 1487

House Vote on SB 1487