Letter from Dean Arp: NC House

October 9th, 2017 by


I would like you to help DEAN ARP in his reelection to the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Dean has been a stalwart champion of the principles that we hold dear.  He is very effective. In only his third term he has risen to a top leadership post in the House. He gets things done.

When I ended my 16 years in the House last New Year’s Eve I was concerned. Would there be sufficient numbers of committed conservative leaders to prevail on critical issues? Fortunately there are dozens of them and Dean is one of these leaders.

Dean’s district is Union County. If you have friends or relatives there, please forward this to them.

If you don’t, please send him a campaign contribution.  For all the information you need, please click here.

Best regards,

Paul Stam


P.S.  I am sending Dean Arp my own contribution today. If hundreds of us do the same, Dean will be back in the House of Representatives to help lead the conservative team.

Have you visited www.paulstam.info lately? I have continued this year to add content to the Articles section. One of the most informative items is 432 pages of transcripts of debates in the General Assembly for 2009-2016. This collection is available online at www.paulstam.info/debate-transcripts.