PRESS RELEASE: Governor Proposes Increase in Funding for Special Needs Scholarships

April 7th, 2016 by

Raleigh, NC – For the second year in a row, Governor Pat McCrory is proposing as part of his budget to increase funding for Special Needs Scholarships. The Governor is proposing to increase the budget for these scholarships by $5.8M. This will provide funding for approximately 500 new students.

Rep. Paul Stam, Speaker Pro Tempore of the NC House of Representatives, commends the Governor for his leadership in this area. “We have worked closely with the Governor in developing this proposal and will work tirelessly to see that this additional funding is included in the House budget.”

During the long session, the General Assembly appropriated total funding of $4.23M. This year over 830 students have been awarded the scholarship. However, there are over 400 students on the waitlist.

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