Pro-Life Bills Introduced During the 2013 Session

June 4th, 2013 by

House Bill 716: Clarify Law/Prohibit Sex-Selective Abortion

Prohibits abortions when a significant factor is the sex of the unborn child.

Last Action: Passed the House on May 7, 2013

Status: Senate Rules

Next Steps: Pass Senate Committee, then Senate Floor

House Bill 730: Insurance & Health Care Conscience Protection

Part I extends conscience protection to all health care providers who object to doing abortions on moral, ethical, or religious grounds. Part II limits abortion funding under health insurance plans offered through the federal health insurance exchange or by city and county governments. Exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

Last Action: Passed the House on May 16, 2013

Status: Senate Insurance

Next Steps: Pass Senate Committee, then Senate Floor

Senate Bill 132: Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth

Requires the School Health Education Program (sex ed.) to include instruction on the preventable causes of preterm birth, including induced abortion, smoking, alcohol consumption, the use of illicit drugs, and inadequate prenatal care. Unanimous recommendation of the Child Fatality Task Force.

Last Action: Passed the Senate on May 13, 2013

Status: House Health

Next Steps: Pass House Committee, then House Floor

Senate Bill 308: Amend Woman’s Right to Know Act

Makes changes to the 2011 Woman’s Right to Know Act. It requires a doctor to be physically present during the entire abortion procedure. It requires the doctor to have admitting privileges to a hospital located within 30 miles of the place where the abortion is performed. The Department of Health and Human Services must update its website to include resources for women who receive a poor prenatal diagnosis.

Last Action: Introduced on March 13, 2013

Status: Did Not Meet Crossover Deadline. So…

Next Steps: Its provisions need to be included in another Pro-Life bill.

Senate Bill 402: Appropriations Act of 2013

On page 181, the Senate budget appropriates $250,000 to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship. This replaces the money lost when the Choose Life License Plate was enjoined by the Courts.

Last Action: Passed the Senate on May 23, 2013

Status: House Appropriations

Next Steps: This provision needs to be in the House Budget.