Voters Send a Clear Message

November 5th, 2009 by

Voters Send Clear Message

Focus Is on Issues Affecting Families

Raleigh – The message is clear from Tuesday’s election in Wake County and around the country. Voters are squarely focused on core issues affecting their family and their future more than at any time in recent history. The clean sweep of four seats for the Wake County Board of Education was a resounding demand for a school system that is responsive to families and fiscally accountable to taxpayers. Parents will no longer tolerate school board policies that disrupt children’s lives by arbitrary assignments and mandatory school calendars.

They reject policies that fail to ensure students succeed in the name of diversity. In west Cary Jennifer Robinson, a conservative Republican committed to responsible growth and budget accountability, was re-elected over a liberal opponent.

Issues were paramount in Maine where voters approved a referendum to repeal a law allowing same-sex marriage that had passed the Legislature and was signed by Democratic Gov. John Baldacci.

Voters in Texas approved, by a margin of 81-19 percent, a constitutional amendment limiting government’s authority to take private property by eminent domain to public purposes only. This is the same amendment that the North Carolina House derailed in 2009, but will consider again in 2010. (see attachment)

New Jersey voters rejected the massive corruption and confiscatory tax policies of the Democratic political machine by electing a Republican crime fighting governor for the first time in eight years. Virginians overwhelmingly elected all three statewide conservative Republicans on the ballot – governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. This landslide election reversed recent Democratic wins in the Old Dominion. The campaign was dominated by the failure of the Democrats to present any plan to grow the economy to preserve jobs or to solve transportation problems. Successful candidates on Tuesday were those who espoused conservative, fiscally responsible positions on the issues and understood the proper role of government.