What Happened During the 2014 Session?

August 27th, 2014 by

1.    Balanced the budget for the fourth straight year without a tax increase (Appropriations Act of 2014,(SB 744)).

2.    Provided the largest overall teacher pay raise in nine years by giving public school educators an average 6.92% raise (Appropriations Act of 2014, (SB 744)).

3.    Funded a $1000 pay raise (plus benefits and 5 extra vacation days) for most state employees (Appropriations Act of 2014, (SB 744)).

4.    Established an Academic Standards Review Commission to make recommendations to the State Board of Education on curriculum (Replace Common Core SS w/NC’s Higher Academ. Standards, (SB 812)).

5.    Clarified changes made to the Special Education Scholarships for Children with Disabilities and Opportunity Scholarships, making the program easier to understand and identifying reimbursement services (Clarifying Changes/Special Ed Scholarships, (HB 712) and Appropriations Act of 2014, (SB 744), Section 8.25).

6.    Modified charter schools by allowing automatic grade increases as charter schools grow and allowing single-sex schools. Charter schools are subject to the Open Meetings and Public Records Act (Charter School Modifications, (SB 793)).

7.    Allowed religious or political student organizations authority to determine their own core functions (Student Organizations/Rights & Recognitions, (SB 719)). 

8.    Community Colleges and the University systems can participate in the Yellow Ribbon Reserve, federal matching program, that helps reduce tuition costs for non-resident veterans (Appropriations Act of 2014, (SB 744), Section 11.12).

9.    Shifted many economic development functions of the Department of Commerce to the NC Economic Development Partnership to better recruit new business and industry to the state through efficiency, job retention and creation (NC Econ. Dev. Partnership Modifications, (HB 1031)).

10. Changed laws relating to regulation by State and local government on health and safety (Regulatory Reform Act of 2014, (SB 734)). 

11. Improved the Department of Transportation affecting efficiency, decreasing traffic burden, and improving state drivers’ licenses (DOT/DMV changes, (HB 1025) and DOT/DMV changes #2, (HB 272)).

12. Required mopeds to be registered (Registration for Mopeds, (HB 1145)). 

13. Updated regulations of the Mining and Energy Commission and its work on rules for oil and gas (Energy Modernization Act, (SB 786)).

14. Created a commission to oversee the assessment, planning and clean-up of coal ash ponds in order to safeguard our state’s greatest natural resource, our water (Coal Ash Management Act of 2014, (SB 729)).

15. Updated agricultural and environmental laws (Farm Act of 2014, (HB 366)).

16. Punished threats to legislative, executive, or court officers. Increased penalties for cell phones in prison. Allowed remote testimony by forensic analysts in criminal trials (Criminal Law Changes, (HB 369)).  

17. Changed procedures for business cases (Business Court Modernization, (SB 853)).

18. Changed election laws by clarifying filing and hours of operation, establishing procedures for primary voters who have moved and updating ballot requirements (Omnibus Election Clarifications, (SB 403)).

19. Created a pilot program for the use of hemp extract for intractable epileptic disorder (Hope 4 Haley and Friends, (HB 1220)).

20. Increased health care options for at home medical care (Zoning/Health Care Structure, (HB 625)).


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